SteriType keyboards and mice now available!


SteriTouch has launched hygienic keyboards and mice for the healthcare, dental and call centre markets. The SteriType keyboard is fully washable and features an integrated silicone cover for infection control purposes.

The white ABS body of the keyboard and the soft-touch coating of the silicone cover contain SteriTouch antimicrobial protection throughout, preventing the growth of bacteria, biofilm and mould for their usable lifetime.  The antimicrobial properties are based on ionic silver and are currently used in many sterile environments in products such as tablet cases, patient lighting and breath analysis monitors.

SteriType keyboards have undergone chemical resistance testing which has proven that the antimicrobial properties will remain effective while using disinfectants or harsh cleaning agents such as bleach or methyl ethyl ketone (MEK).

Also available as part of the initial launch is a washable, antimicrobial mouse, which alongside the keyboards, are suitable for any working area where hygiene is important.

Keyboards and mice can be ordered online at or by calling 01495 211400. Bulk order discounts are available.

How to fit a keyboard cover

Our keyboard covers are extremely easy to fit, but sometimes it helps to have a visual guide so we have put together a short video demostrating how it’s done… as


Dentists are throwing away the clingfilm!

Recognising the risk of cross contamination, Dentists have often used rolls of cling film to cover their keyboards… both awkward and time consuming. The cling film is now being swapped for permanent covers which not only allow the keyboard to be cleaned and decontaminated in-situ, but also prevent bacterial and fungal growth in between cleaning cycles.