Computer keyboard covers are antibacterial

SteriType antibacterial keyboard cover

SteriType antibacterial keyboard covers protect the keyboard, allowing it to be cleaned and decontaminated in-situ, whilst preventing bacterial and fungal growth between cleaning cycles.

Clinical studies have shown that keyboards represent a significant cross-contamination hazard, acting as bacterial reservoirs, that are hard to clean without permanent damage to the device.

The SteriType keyboard covers are manufactured using vacuum forming technology, utilizing a mould manufactured from a sample of the original keyboard, and thus achieving a key hugging unnoticeable fit.

Formed from extremely robust yet flexible antibacterial polyurethane material the cover will provide 24/7 protection for many years. The cleaning of the cover couldn’t be easier, as cleaning chemicals such as detergents, alcohol and chlorine solutions have no ill effect on the polyurethane.

Covers are available for over 1500 keyboard types from manufacturers including Dell, HP, Lenovo, Logitech, Microsoft & Compaq.

Production capabilities are not limited solely to keyboard covers, almost any device can have an antimicrobial cover manufactured by this method: hospital equipment, laptop suites, chip & pin terminals, printers.

How to fit a keyboard cover

Our keyboard covers are extremely easy to fit, but sometimes it helps to have a visual guide so we have put together a short video demostrating how it’s done… as


Dentists are throwing away the clingfilm!

Recognising the risk of cross contamination, Dentists have often used rolls of cling film to cover their keyboards… both awkward and time consuming. The cling film is now being swapped for permanent covers which not only allow the keyboard to be cleaned and decontaminated in-situ, but also prevent bacterial and fungal growth in between cleaning cycles.

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