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SteriType Antimicrobial Keyboard Covers

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SteriType Antimicrobial & Antibacterial Keyboard Covers are custom moulded to achieve a key hugging, unnoticeable fit, protecting your keyboard without compromising functionality.

Fitting a keyboard cover couldn’t be easier (click HERE for a quick demo). Once on the keyboard, the cover can be left in place for as long as needed, allowing regular cleaning and disinfection. Commonly used chemicals such as detergents, alcohol and chlorine solutions have no adverse effect on the polyurethane material from which the covers are made.

All keyboard covers are manufactured at our UK facility, using an in-house vacuum forming technology and utilising a mould created from a sample of the original keyboard. The material is extremely robust and provides 24/7 protection from bacterial contamination for the lifetime of the product.

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All SteriType antimicrobial products contain silver phosphate glass, a biocidal product which controls the growth of micro-organisms on the product surface. This product does not contain nano-materials. This technology is not a substitute for good hygiene and/or cleaning practices. Use biocides safely.

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